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ADOBE PHOTOSHOP TRAINING VIDEO TUTORIALS CS6 35Hrs - DIGITAL DOWNLOAD PLEASE READ. NO BOX, NO PHYSI ... CAL ITEM WILL BE POSTED. ADOBE PHOTOSHOP CS6 – PROFESSIONAL VIDEO TRAINING - LEVEL 1- 4 This photoshop training is prefect for hobbiest, photographers, designers, videographers and 3D Artists it starts at beginner level then intermediate, advance and master level. With more than 35 hours of tutorials. You also have the luxury that you can learn at home without the pressure of a classroom or teacher. Learn at your pace when you have some spare time. Personally i think this is the best way. These is a big files so you will have to download each level 1 by 1 otherwise you will overload your internet and it will fail downloading the whole 20GB. Or you just download the level you want and come back and get the next level when your ready the link will always be there for you. Features Tutorial Video's Exercise Files Instant Download Easy and Simple tutorials Works on Mac and PC Over 20gb of content Over 35 hours of tutorials Content Level 1 -Beginner Opening an image Getting around Image size and resolution Using layers Saving your progress Crop and straighten Adjusting luminance Adjusting colour Select and edit Retouch and heal Level 2 - Intermediate The content aware collection Adjusting levels Sharpening details Creating and formatting text Drawing shapes Layer effects Paragraph, character and layer styles Scale, rotate, screw and warp Liquifying and image Converting black & white Printing an image Saving for the web Level 3 - Advanced Shortcuts and settings Smart objects Shadows and highlights Using curves Camera raw Doutones and colourize Noise and detial The blur gallery Blend modes Colour range and quick mask Refine edge and layer masks The pen tool

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