Email Lists for Online Email Marketing Campaigns (10k leads)

Product Description

Email marketing is a very effective way to reach out to new customers and increase your conversion rates.
Get access to millions of potential new customers and build your email campaigns quickly using a ready-made email list of
fully active opt-in email addresses.
These email lists could really jump start marketing and sales, driving traffic to your website or to market any product online.

Average email marketing campaigns including large opt-in consumer email address lists can cost a lot of money.
Most large companies selling online email lists charge over four or five cents PER email!

These email lists are kept up-to-date and currently consists of just over 39 MILLION email addresses!

These email lists have NOT yet been sold, the email addresses currently available have not yet been used by online email marketing campaigns!
This large consumer email marketing list was compiled and assembled over a span of ten months solely from massive online marketing surveys and online referral click campaigns to be eventually used for a launch of a new enterprise level e-commerce website, however that website project has ceased and this unused massive email list remains.
The emails to millions of new online consumers is a potential gold mine for anyone wanting to run their own online email marketing campaign to reach
millions of online consumers.

Buyers can buy a variety of lists (number of unique email addresses). Lists are alphabetized by email address.
The lists have been triple checked for duplicates and all lists contain only unique actively used opted in email addresses.
These are active online consumers of whom do not mind receiving new email marketing from your new online business or e-commerce website.

Price PER email address is $0.003

Purchase of $30 provides exactly 10,000 email addresses.

If after purchasing several email lists buyer is satisfied and desires larger size lists (in the millions of emails)
the buyer can purchase larger 1M list on other listed product in store. We would recommend starting out with a smaller email list size to test the new online email marketing campaign and then purchasing larger size lists to ramp up marketing efforts.
Email list is formatted as CSV document containing just over 10,000 email addresses ready to be loaded into your database.

This is a rare high quality email list sold for BTC unlike any other source online.
These email lists are being sold for at least 97% off the price of most online marketing companies.
Each unique email address sold will NOT be sold again.
This listing will update the current number of total email addresses in the database currently available : 39 MILLION
All purchases made only via CoinMall for BTC.

USD 21.91


Product Summary

Email List : Part of a 39 Million email address database of fully active opt-in online consumers for use in your online email marketing campaign.

10,000 email addresses

  • Delivery Method: Identical File
  • Escrow Period: 24 hours
  • Available Stock: 999