24 Hour Crypto Currency Mining Rental – 8x GTX 1070Ti - Guaranteed Uptime! US Based Rig!

Product Description




You are purchasing a mining contract for the duration of 24 hours
using using a custom built GPU-driven mining rig.Mine any coin under any of the following mining algorithms:
Dagger-Hashimoto (Ethereum)
Equihash (Zcash)
CryptoNoteV7 (Monero) 1
lyra2REv2 (Verge, Monacoin, Galactrum)
X16R (Motion, Raven)
Blake256-14-RndS (Decred)1

Why use us?
WE WANT YOU TO BE PROFITABLE - it's what keeps us going :)
No vouchers, coupons, or bullshit.
You deal directly with the equipment operator.
Just getting started with crypto-currency? No Problem! Beginners Welcome!
Check out our handy guide here: Getting Started

We are human, and we understand technical limitations. We have provided, and will continue to provide, time credit to contracts for any downtime whether it is your fault or ours. Usually it is consecutively tacked onto the end of an existing contract, if we are able.

The Skinny:
This is an off-site, remote mining contract rental agreement.
You are purchasing a "digital service" and no physical items will be shipped.
24 consecutive hours of mining.
Mining will start within approx. 72 hours after payment clears and valid stratum info is received.
Notification will be provided via email at start of mining. We will also be highly communicative if there are any issues.
If you do not have a pool, we can certainly help you find a good one
If you are a beginner, you get the real white-glove treatment. We will help you get started!

stratum/worker information should be provided as something resembling the following:

stratum+tcp://yourpool.com:3333 -u yourusername -p x

The Terms and Conditions:

• There are no refunds on this contract, however we will do everything we can to faithfully provide the service we promise.

• "Guaranteed" means we will do everything in our power to make sure you receive the time you paid for- your fault or ours.

• You do not pay for instability of the pool. You only pay for accepted shares/mining time.

• If there is difficulty with your pool (eg DDOS attack, server down) or your hashrate
decreases, we will credit you time to ensure ROI.

• Purchases of multiple contracts may or may not be run concurrently - we will do our best to run them concurrently, but sometimes we can't.

• Send stratum server:port, worker username and worker password upon payment via email message.

• You CAN NOT directly mine bitcoins with this hardware, or ANY SHA-256 algorithm coins such as Peercoin, DigitalCoin, Zetacoin, NEOSCoin etc..

• If you purchase more than 1 contract, we will try our best to run as many concurrent contracts as we can.

• By purchasing, you agree that no physical product will be shipped, this is a service contract agreement.

• Refunds are not available unless we are unable to fulfill the above agreement.

• Please note it may take up to 20 minutes for hashrate to show up poolside

USD 22.51


Product Summary

You are purchasing a mining contract for the duration of 24 hours
on a custom built , US Based, Nvidia GPU driven Mining Rig.

  • Delivery Method: Manual Delivery
  • Escrow Period: 3 days
  • Available Stock: 999