Cigarette Lighter Sneaky Secret Stash Box Storage Safe

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(BUY 2 GET 1 FREE LIMITED QUANTITY) The Sneaky Mans Cigarette Lighter Secret Stash Hidden Compartme ... nt Cash Safe Storage Box New Whether your personal spaces are being searched, seized or snooped through, diversion safes offer something critical that lock safes can not, That is the ability to be hidden in plain site in the form of an ordinary item. This is the best and sneakiest hiding place. -Made to resemble a full size lighter. -Perfect for cars, purses, luggage, gym bags and pockets! -No thief or authority figure will think to steal or check a lighter! -Available in Black, Blue, Green, Red, Gray, Brown, Yellow. 1 per order. (Specify Color or will be Random) Things To Store or Hide - Money, coins - Jewelry, rings, earrings, - Pills, Drugs, - Weed, Cannabis, Marijuana, - And everything else. Stash in sight, Hide Your Stuff Really Good!

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